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Cakesicles Recipe – The Sweetest Little Treat To Impress Your Friends And Family

Cakesicles are kind of like a larger cousin of cake pops, except they’re way easier to make. I also think they’re a lot more satisfying to eat. Popsicle shaped cake pops that are fun to make for any occasion and won’t crack, leak, or fall off the stick.

Cakesicles are one of my favorite ways to use leftover cake layers and frosting. They look like old-school popsicles but are really chocolate covered little cakes on sticks! They’re made by tempering chocolate in a microwave, painting it into a silicone mold and filling it with a mixture of cake and frosting.

While they might seem difficult to make at first glance, I promise they’re a lot easier than you might think. Cakesicles are really easy to make at home, time to impress your friends and family with these delicious treats.



Cakesicle Filling

One 9-inch cake layer

1/3 cup frosting, plus more if desired

Cakesicle Coating

32 ounces melted and tempered white chocolate or melted white confectionery coating


Cakesicle silicone mold


Cakesicle Filling

Break the cake layer into large chunks and place it in the bowl of a stand mixer.

Mix on a medium speed with a paddle attachment to break down the cake. If you don’t have an electric mixer this can also be done by hand.

Blend crumbled cake together with the frosting until all cake crumbs are well coated with the frosting.

Cakesicle Coating

Place the cakesicle mould over a bigger tray and pour melted white chocolate in all the cakesicle cavities.

Swirl the mould around to cover all edges with chocolate. Turn the mould upside down to get rid of any excess chocolate.

Use an offset spatula to make sure all edges are covered. Push the ice cream stick in and out of the mould opening to make an indent. Do this for all cakesicle cavities.

Pop the mold into the refrigerator, if using pure white chocolate, and into the freezer if using confectionery coating.

Chill for 3-5 minutes until the chocolate is firm to the touch.

Press the cake mixture into a lined cavity, filling them 1/8 inch below the edge of the silicone mold.

Insert the popsicle sticks into the molds, then top each mold with additional chocolate and smooth using an offset spatula.

Refrigerate until the chocolate is firm to the touch (2-3 minutes). Gently demould each cakesicle and decorate as you wish.

Once your cakesicles are made it’s finally time for the best part, the decoration!

I am a big fan of drizzling extra melted chocolate or colorful candy melts over my cakesicles. Another fun way to decorate your cakesicles is to add some pretty sprinkles or a dusting of edible glitter.


The shelf life of a cakesicle is 7-10 days if using fresh cake. Count the days based on when your cake was baked. If you use fresh frosting made with butter, you might want to consume them within 3-5 days. Mold will develop on the filling if you keep them longer than that and the problem is that you won’t notice the mold until you bite into your cakesicle.

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