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  • Decorating Kit is material of this equipment is mainly made of plastic and metal. It can be reused and is safe and tasteless. It is suitable for family to make cakes or as a gift to female friends. This would be an ideal giveaway.
  • Cake Decorating Kit Professional is a great choice for decorating cakes, cookies. This product contains parts to decorate the cake. You only need to prepare the materials for making the cake. There are detailed instructions on how to use these props.
  • Cake decorating supplies tips kits, The rotating cake stand with silicone anti-slip base can prevent the cake stand from sliding,You can use the decorated mouth to decorate the cake, and use the pen to make text.Muffin cup molds can also make desserts or cookies
  • This set of tools can quickly change you from a basic to a beginner. This set of tools allows you to develop a new hobby and a new skill. Props allow you to make cakes, cookies, chocolate, jelly, etc. with different looks
  • The set mainly includes a 12-inch cake cutter, different shaped decorating mouths, carved pens, fondant tools, double-layer cutter, plastic straight spatula, and small plastic box Stainless steel cake round shovel, small converter, sandbag, three-hole blue Russian converter, 12 inch TPU decorating bag, medium conventional disposable decorating bag, regular decorating scissors, blue cable tie, eggbeater, Measuring spoon, plastic decorating pen, scraper, decorating nail, trowel
The best baking utensils: decorate like professionals! You will have everything you need to start decorating cakes, muffins, cakes and cookies in a professional style.

Package Included:
1 non-slip turntable
48 small flower mounting nozzles
1 delaminator double-line cutting
1 6-inch plastic straight spatula
33 sugar turning tools 33 piece set
1 6-inch plastic straight spatula
8-piece plastic carving pen blue
4 Russian piping nozzles
1 umbrella brush
3 spherical beaks
1 small plastic box with 48 heads
1 rust-free steel cake round spatula
1 instruction manual
2 small converters
1 sandbag
1 three-hole blue Russian converter
1 12-inch TPU piping bag 2-30
100 medium conventional disposable piping bags
1 regular mounting scissors
3 blue straps
1 10-inch blue egg beater
1 measuring spoon set of 5
One blue plastic mounted stylus.
One blue scraper three piece set
1 trumpet mounting nail
1 white levele

Safety materials: All attached accessories are made of high-quality materials, which can be cleaned and reused. The tip of the pipe is made of stainless steel, and other tools are BPA-free silicone and non-toxic, non-stick plastic. The bottom of the non-slip cake turntable has a silicone ring, so it will not slide when decorating the cake. 

For beginners and professionals: this cake decoration kit can provide you with everything you need to decorate a cake without any experience. Anyone can make professional-looking cakes and cupcakes at home and for birthdays and any occasion. This is the best gift ever.

The best choice for baking enthusiasts-easy to operate and strong compatibility, suitable for fudge, sugar craft, pastries, chewing gum, petal paste, marzipan, chocolate, cake decoration, DIY cooking, etc. Very suitable for wedding or birthday party cake. Perfect baking for beginners, professional cake decorators, adults and children.