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Adjustable Foot Care Big Toe Straightener

Adjustable Foot Care Big Toe Straightener

Adjustable Foot Care Big Toe Straightener

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Innovative upgrade-3D Knob Corrector has three patents. A comprehensive upgrade has been made to the strapping device. Knob adjustment of the correction device.
The strap adjustment of the correction device. The knob is free to adjust the angle. Manpower to tighten the strap
The correction angle can be adjusted freely according to the degree of valgus, and the scale can be adjusted accurately. The adjustment angle becomes smaller, and the correction can be seen by the naked eye. It can also be used for moderate to severe valgus.
  • Accurately adjust the angle degree, The protruding foot bones are gradual, pushed back into place;
  • Multi-directional fixed foot.
  • According to the degree of eversion, adjust it appropriately through the knob.
  • Make the valgus angle smaller and restore the normal bone position.

Material: Composite Material
Application: Foot
Item Type: Foot Care Tools
Product Name: Adjustable Foot Care Big Toe Straightener
Target Groups: Curved toes
Size: Free
Material: Assula:PC(polycarbonate)
Gel silicone insole: Styrene butadiene rubber
Thumb strap: Polyamide

What's in the Box:
 1 x Adjustable Foot Care Big Toe Straightener

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