Cat Carrier Pouch (BUY 1 & GET 1 FREE TODAY!)

Cat Carrier Pouch (BUY 1 & GET 1 FREE TODAY!)

Cat Carrier Pouch (BUY 1 & GET 1 FREE TODAY!)

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Ssh! Don’t tell our cat, but we’ve got an appointment with the V-E-T.

You know what that means. Time to put your cat gloves on and break out the protective goggles, because kitty’s about to put up one heck of a fight.

The end result?

One carrier standing empty. One cat hiding under the couch. Two arms covered in bandages. Those gloves don’t reach all the way to your elbows, you know.

The problem is kitty knows better. That cat carrier is uncomfortable, tiny, and makes them feel trapped. Not exactly cat-friendly.

Enter the cat pouch.

Carry your cat around in comfort without freaking them out or ending up with battle scars.

It’s not too good to be true, it’s just thinking like a cat.

  • Tear-resistant. Your kitty’s got claws, so we made sure our canvas stands up to them. Let kitty scratch away, they’re not digging a hole through here.
  • Soft and comfy. Forget hard plastic carriers that feel like a prison. This is soft and comfy. More spa day than jail cell.
  • Not just for cats. Got a small dog? This works for them too. If your dog’s the size of an ox, you’re out of luck. But a loaf of bread? You’re good to go.
  • Strong shoulder strap. Keep kitty close as you head to the you-know-where. The strap won’t snap or slide off, so kitty stays protected.
  • Less stress. Is your cat the curious type? Let them take a look around so they know where they are. They’ll feel less stressy if they can see out.
  • Adjustable. Adjust the openings for your cat’s head and their two front paws. Don’t want them peeking out? Just close things up and lock them in.

Connect it to a seat belt and keep kitty extra safe.

The shoulder strap easily loops through a seat belt so your cat stays safe even in the car.

Cats hate carriers. That’s a given. But this isn’t a regular carrier. It’s a cat pouch designed to make kitty’s day out as stress-free as possible.

Look, a little hissing the first time out is natural. But give them a minute to adjust and we promise this pouch is gonna go over way better than a traditional carrier.

Your cat says “I love you” with every purr and nuzzle of their head. This pouch is your way to say “I love you” back, in a way they can understand.

Get this cat pouch now and be ready the next time kitty has a day out.

It will make everything a thousand times easier… for both of you.

Product Details

Material Canvas fabric
Dimensions (LxW) 58x48cm
Load capacity Up to 10kg
Closure type Zipper
Guarantee Love it or it's free. No-hassle refunds within 30 days after delivery