DIY Mandala Dotting Tools Kit

DIY Mandala Dotting Tools Kit

DIY Mandala Dotting Tools Kit

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🎨Enjoy every second of this relaxing craft!🎨

Do you want to make multicolored and attractive patterns on your clothes or even paper? Our DIY Mandala Dotting Tools Kit is a complete collection for creating stunning dotted Mandala art. You can use it to create dots of various sizes by simply dabbing on paint over mandala stencils. 

Suitable for rock painting, mail art or decoration, painting dots patterns, and any other craftworks. Each acrylic pen is precision cut and suitable for drawing dots on rocks, canvas, clothes, paper and more. It is perfect for people who love to do dot art. 


All you need for Mandala stenciling in just one set!

  • Unique Artistic Creations

With the use of different sizes of painting tools, everyone can create beautiful, colorful and vibrant dotted art projects. The kit is perfect for dot painting or creating mandala art on rocks, paper, stretched canvas or many other surfaces to create beautiful art. It is a complete collection for beginners and kids.

  • Convenience

No need to draw lines or trace stencils like other kits. Easy to follow lessons and has all guide markings done for you. They are ready to paint on, learn and allow you to think out of the box making your creations.

Paint Mandala Dots for Hours - Made of super lightweight plastic that allows you to paint dots for hours. You'll not get tired easily because there is no fatigue from heavy tools.

  • DIY with Fun

The DIY design allows you to create your art on different surfaces. It comes with a full range of embellishment, including dotting tool, double-end ball stylus and a painting brush. Simply follow the outline of stencils, then express your creative imagination by trying different Mandala patterns.

  • Easy to clean and Reuse         

The dotting accessorial and metal stylus pens are easy to clean. You can use a damp cloth or paper towel. It is very convenient for your different usage. It can work effectively on many occasions such as stippling on paper, wood, canvas, fabric, metal, furniture, wall art, etc.





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Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel

Package Inclusion:

  • Palette*1(13 CM)
  • Mandala Stencils*4(20 CM * 2, 15 CM * 2)
  • Painting Brush*6
  • Double-end Ball Stylus*4
  • Double-end Dotting Tool*5

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