Elderly Bed Care Turnover Shift Belt Pad

Elderly Bed Care Turnover Shift Belt Pad

Elderly Bed Care Turnover Shift Belt Pad

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With elderly caring Vansun Transfer Belt, there will be no caregiver find it difficult to provide daily care for elderly who can barely walk or these disabled patients struggle with getting up and moving on the bed. If you were such a caregiver with trouble, this is just what you need.

WIDELY USED: The Vansun Transfer Belt suits for all the elderly with Limbs abnormal, paraplegia, myasthenia, or any getting up disorder caused by brain injury, peripheral neuropathy, or physical deterioration.

FRICTION MECHANISM DESIGN: We have purposely lengthened this blanket, it’s so long for you to make better use of the friction between body and blanket, easily turn the patients over, very convenient for nurse and care.

FIXING ON THE BED POLE: It would be perfect if there is a bed pole beside the bed so that you can fix one end of the blanket on it and adjust the velcro to change the patients’ lying position. You will find it’s very useful when the patient needs some towel wash or other care service.

The standing man sits on the edge of the bed and moves his feet on the edge of the bed.


Package Included: 1 x Elderly Bed Care Turnover Shift Belt Pad