Fashion Trend - Colorful Hair Wax

Fashion Trend - Colorful Hair Wax

Fashion Trend - Colorful Hair Wax

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Our Fashion Trend - Colorful Hair Wax adds texture and shine to your hair and is suitable for all hair types. Be it a night out with your friends, a cosplay, a show, a casual meeting and off course on a date. Let it be curly, straight, or wavy! Our wax helps you style your hair while providing temporary and fantastic hair dye color and coverage.

A professional hair wax matte for men and women that gives all hair types the hold, control, and shine that it needs. Made of natural ingredients that cause no scalp irritation, environmentally friendly, and harmless to your health.

  • great features - this wax is easy to apply, easy to wash, has strong hold with no damage to hair due to the fact it is made up of plant extracts
  • it is a good solution for people who like trying new colors
  • damage free - great product for those who like to change hair colors without damaging your hair
  • professional wax - gives all hair types the hold, control, and shine that it needs
  • perfect for daily use - highly recommended for cosplays, festivals, parties, clubbing, raves, Halloween, and more

How to apply:

  • wet your hairs a bit so that wax will be smooth for application
  • place a finger full of wax on your palm and spread evenly
  • apply to all hair areas that need a color boost
  • wash your hair with shampoo to remove hair color easily after each use

Material: wax
Package size
: 30 cm x 20 cm
Package includes: 1 hair wax

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