Feng Shui Ceramic Dragon Waterfall Incense Burner

Feng Shui Ceramic Dragon Waterfall Incense Burner

Feng Shui Ceramic Dragon Waterfall Incense Burner

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Add a different atmosphere to your home with this Ceramic Incense Burner. Thanks to its design, "Backflow Incense" creates a perfect image. This product refreshes the air of your room, helps you focus, calms your nerves, and you can use it as decor.

Because the backflow incense burner is easily affected by the wind, they added a windproof design to the previous ceramic backflow incense burner to allow customers to watch the backflow smoke better.





About Backflow Incense Burner:


  • A backflow incense cone generally burns for about 10-15 minutes. 
  • Backflow incense is a spice used for viewing, and the incense contains natural oil. After the backflow cones are burned, it will leave yellow liquid and ash. Wash it with water, naturally dry would be great. 
  • After the backflow cones burned, the incense cone is still in a high-temperature state. Do not immediately touch the just-burned incense cone. 
  • When incense cones burn, they release odors. Some people like this smell, some people don't like it. Therefore, when buying products, we will give you 20pcs incense cones for you to experience. You can also buy your favorite incense cone for later use.


Material: Ceramic
Classification: Incense Base
Use: Smell Removing/Dehumidification
Production: Aromatherapy Plate


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