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Folding Mosquito Free Tent

Folding Mosquito Free Tent

Folding Mosquito Free Tent

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Premium Material: Breathable mesh net, the bracket is steel material, durable.

Strong anti-mosquito, avoid strong light, dustproof.

Foldable design, very suitable for travel. Easy to install, clean and store.

Keep away from mosquitoes, flies and other annoying insects, which can provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for babies without any pressure.

Exquisite design, easy to use, no installation needed, fast to build.

Made of high-grade materials, the mosquito net is durable, light, breathable and soft.

Product Categories: Mosquito Net
Color: Navy Blue, Pink, Blue, Camel
Door Number: Double Door
Holder Material: Fiberglass Pipe
Material: Polyester Fiber (Polyester)
Category: Mosquito Net/Curtains

Package Included: 1 x Folding Mosquito Free Tent