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Metering Seasoning Dispenser Bottle

Metering Seasoning Dispenser Bottle

Metering Seasoning Dispenser Bottle

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Say goodbye to bulky spice salt and pepper shakers. With the premium measure salt shaker and pepper dispenser, you bring a true star into your home, the classic design enhances your kitchen.

[Quantitative Salt Shaker] Press to quantify the amount of salt, each time 0.5g of salt, control the amount of salt simply and quickly, make food more delicious and maintain a healthy life.

[High Quality] The salt dispenser is high-quality glass to keep your spices tasting fresh, with a modern PP+ABS lid for a refreshing premium design and doesn't rust. BPA-free and non-toxic.

[Keep Fresh and Dry] The salt and pepper shaker comes with a one-piece lid that features a setting with no holes, making it perfect for maintaining the freshness of any spices and keeping dust and moisture at bay.

[Ergonomic design] The curved design allows for an easy and comfortable grip, small and exquisite. The transparent glass bottle body can monitor the remaining stock at any time for easy replenishment.

[Large Capacity] Large-caliber bottle mouth, easy to pour without tools, large capacity, up to 100ml, about 216g salt. Suitable for salt, pepper, sugar, cumin powder, chili powder, etc.


Material: PP, ABS, Glass

Product capacity: 100ML

Colors: Blue, Khaki, Green

Product Size: 56*103MM

Package Includes: 1*Metering Salt Shaker