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Quick Pipe Drain Cleaner Stick

Quick Pipe Drain Cleaner Stick

Quick Pipe Drain Cleaner Stick

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This stick cleaner, deodorizer and clog preventer are a powerful, safe, and efficient way to eliminate embarrassing, foul odors from drains and help to prevent clog backups in sinks and showers. Its non-toxic formula is gentle and safe on septic tanks and is available in multiple scents and count varieties.

ONE STICK IS ALL IT TAKES: Made with powerful, natural enzymes, each Sani Stick slowly releases a super concentrated blend of powerful enzymes that will eliminate organic deposits and grease build-up for 30 days. Just one Sani Stick a month is all that is needed.

SAFE TO USE ANYWHERE: Because these odor-eliminating drain sticks are non-toxic and use enzymes to clean, they are safe to use in all drains from the bathroom to the kitchen.

Product Name: Decontamination cleaning stick
Product Material: Grease + sodium lauryl sulfate ethyl propionate calcium carbonate flavor
Product Size: 22cm*13.5cm (L*H)

Package includes

12PCS/Row Decontamination cleaning stick