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Rechargeable Insect Racket Zapper

Rechargeable Insect Racket Zapper

Rechargeable Insect Racket Zapper

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No more insects in your home. Zap the bugs that try to sneak in with the Rechargeable Insect Racket Zapper. This insect killer is a safe and eco-friendly method to get rid of insects and bugs in your home. The zapper is a safe way to get rid of bugs that won't harm you or your family. The Rechargeable Insect Racket Zapper uses the high voltage electric shock principle to kill insects. It is safe to use and environmentally friendly, and does not harm humans or pets. It can be placed on the table, counter, or near the bed to protect your loved ones and pets from dangerous bugs. This lightweight and convenient Rechargeable Insect Racket Zapper is a perfect solution for you to fight against insects.


This electronic swatter uses a high voltage electric shock principle in a purely physical way to kill the mosquito. When the mosquito contact with the grid instant release of up to 3000V voltage, it kills the mosquito instantly, fast and efficient.

Built-in 1200mah safer polymer lithium battery, can be used for 25 days in 1 gear after fully charged, 3 hours charging time.

The protective grids on each side not only protect the central electric mesh from damage but also avoid giving electric shocks to people, safer and more reliable to use.

This could be a handheld mosquito swatter and also a mosquito lamp; support dual killing mosquito modes.

This mosquito swatter is suitable for bedroom, living room, study, office, etc. and you can carry it with it for camping, fishing, picnic, and other outdoor activities.


Color: White

Material: ABS+ Metal

Rated power: 5W

Battery capacity:1200mah

Rated voltage: 220V

Charging input: 5V/1A

Grid output voltage: 3000V

Size: 52*22cm/20.44*8.65in

Weight: 610g/21.52oz


1* Electric Mosquito Swatter

1* User manual

1* Charging base

1* USB cable