Smart Ultrasonic Silicone Toothbrush for Kids

Smart Ultrasonic Silicone Toothbrush for Kids

Smart Ultrasonic Silicone Toothbrush for Kids

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The Smart Ultrasonic toothbrush is the most advanced electric toothbrush for kids; it makes brushing less of a chore and more of a game. Instead of a normal toothbrush head, the ultrasonic toothbrush uses an ultrasonic silicone brush tip to help clean teeth, gums, and tongue. Tooth brushing with the smart toothbrush for kids is a fun experience for your child and an effective way to help your child develop a lifetime habit of good oral health. The toothbrush helps kids to build a healthy habit of brushing their teeth regularly. 

U-Shaped Toothbrush for Kids adopts a cute cartoon design. The silicone head design allows children to develop the correct way of brushing without manual adjustment, making brushing a habit for children and enjoying the fun of brushing.

U-shaped soft silicone brush head material is environmentally friendly and hygienic, transparent, odorless, tough, durable, and food-grade bristles will not hurt the gums.

With IPX7 professional waterproof technology, they can brush their teeth while bathing.

This toothbrush should be used with foam toothpaste.


Five modes (massage mode, gentle mode, clean mode, gum protection mode, deep cleansing)

The brushes head uses an excellent Food grade silicone brush

60 seconds scientific timing, automatic power off

Charge for 2 hours, standby for 20 days

IPX-7 waterproof

Blue light disinfection, clean sound wave 8000-31000HZ

Smart magnetic levitation sound wave

Battery capacity 400MA, host power 5W, rated voltage 3.7V


Material: Silica gel

Waterproof level: IPX-7

Charging mode: USB fast charge

Package Includes: 1 x toothbrush

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